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First Presbyerian Church, Harrisonburg VA April 7 2013

First Presbyterian Church, Harrisonburg VA  April 7 2013
Gress Miles 3-manual organ from the 1970’s.   43 stops.  
This is one of my favorite organs to play.  It is full, bright, clear, and fills the room.
The Basse de Cornet III is taken from the swell trumpet stop and gives a believable 32' reed impression.
The mixtures sparkle. The strings are sweet and lush.  Overall a fun instrument to play and hear. 
See stoplist at

Prelude and Fugue in G Major BWV 557  …..... J.S. Bach
Simple Gifts……………………………………..Russell Schulz-Widmar
This is from "The Church Organist's Library" compiled by Wayne Leupold
The composer sets this beautiful tune simply.  The great Rohrflote 8 is accompanied by the Positiv Spitzflote 8 and the pedal Subbas 16.  Just 3 stops but lovely ones. 

Praise to the Lord, The Almighty……………….Johann Gottfried Walther

Holy Holy Holy.   Introduction by Joyce Jones from “The King of Instruments.”   Final verse by Noel Rawsthorne.  I do some passing tones and chord substitutions here and there. 

Glorious Things of Thee are Spoken.  Final verse by Noel Rawsthorne

There’s Power in the Blood.  This isn’t in the Presbyterian Hymnal.  Words are in the bulletin.  I’m playing the first 2 verses out of the Celebration Hymnal and the final verse, whole step higher with a 2-chord modulation, out of the Baptist Hymnal.  It will be speedy and enthusiastic. 

Offering-- solo by Shannon Kiser, the music director… O Lamb of God-- Mozart. 

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